Spring 2019 Class Descriptions

Spring 2019: Wednesdays, April 3–June 5, 2019 (10 weeks; no breaks)

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Registration opens at 12:00pm on March 5, 2019. Register in person (Loyal Heights Community Center), by phone (206) 684-4052, or online at https://apm.activecommunities.com/seattle. Use keyword “homeschool” to search.

Art Books

Instructor: Ameen Dhillon

Ages 9 – 16, $138

Cut, fold, paint, draw, collage and sew. Students will have fun turning their original art work into handmade books while learning about composition, design, pattern, and color theory. This class will explore accordion style binding, a pamphlet book and a Stab bound book. Students will need a shoebox size lidded container and materials for collage for class. **Two parent volunteers are needed 10 minutes before and after class to help with set-up and clean-up.

Art Exploration

Instructor: Ameen Dhillon

Ages 6 – 8, $143

Let’s get inspired by stories, art history, and the changing seasons! Together we’ll do a variety of fun projects to explore drawing and painting with materials such as charcoal, oil pastels, water color, tempera, acrylics and more. **Two parent volunteers are needed 10 minutes before and after class to help with set-up and clean-up.

Calm Down, Nervous System!

Instructor: Gwynn Raimondi

Ages 10 – 16, $148

Ever get nervous when meeting new people? Or so angry or frustrated you feel you might burst? So sad you feel you won’t be happy again? Do you worry or obsess about things that are out of your control?  Then you know what it’s like to have your sympathetic nervous system activated! In this class we will learn about our nervous systems, our fight/flight/freeze/fawn response, and easy practical ways to regulate ourselves, be present, and stay centered and grounded even in really uncomfortable situations. This class is part academic and part (body centered mindfulness) life skills.

Creative Pop Dance Party!

Instructor: Miranda Veenhuysen

Ages 8 – 12, $128.70 (No class May 1st)

When you hear a good song, do you start grooving? Do you like to learn new things and be creative? Are you a fan of having dance parties in your living room? This may be the class for you! Against a backdrop of fun, pop music, we learn technique from the jazz and hip-hop dance traditions as well as steps from Miranda’s own style. This class will explore the movement concepts from Anne Green Gilbert’s Creative Dance curriculum and give opportunities for students to make up their own dance moves and choreography. On nice days, we may dance outside.

Digital Photography

Instructor: Joan Beard

Ages 11 – 16, $138

Getting know yourself through photography – learning when to trust your instincts and when to question your point of view. The focus of this class is Perspective – and understanding how photographs reflect the perspective of the photographer. Time will be spent taking photographs together and talking. Students will work on how to engage in constructive dialogues about art. Some time will be spent on technical feedback and support. All digital cameras welcome. Level is intro – advanced.

Family Choir

Instructor: Micaela (Mikey) Prince

Ages: All Ages (Register ages 5-18), $138

Do you love to sing? Join our family choir class! Children of all musical abilities are welcome. Parents of all musical abilities are welcome, as well! Together, we will explore pitch-matching, basic vocal techniques, note-reading, choral repertoire, and more. Most importantly, we will share the joy of music. Parent participation is optional, but fun is guaranteed! Register all students aged 5-18. Parents and siblings of registered students can participate without having to register.

Family Dance

Instructor: Miranda Veenhuysen

Ages: All ages (Register ages 3-13), $124.20 (No class May 1)

Bring the whole family and fall in love with dance together! Children and caregivers expand their movement skills and explore dance concepts in this joyful, supportive classroom community. Instructor Miranda Veenhuysen is a lifelong dancer with nine years of teaching experience. She uses Anne Green Gilbert’s brain-compatible dance curriculum for this class. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and dance barefoot. Parent participation is encouraged but optional. Register all students aged 3-13. Parents and siblings of registered students can participate without having to register.


Instructor: Nathan Drackett

Ages 11 – 16, $138

Discover how much fun the unscripted life can be! Improv exercises and games will show this class how to gain confidence, think on the fly, and leave audiences laughing hysterically. Perfect for the inexperienced and experienced alike.

Junior Great Books

Instructor: Molly Moench

Ages 8 – 11, $138

Read excellent short fiction every week, on a wide variety of topics and styles, and then come discuss it with your friends. We’ll focus on your opinions of the story, understanding the events and themes, what motivates the characters, and supporting your assertions with the text. Each session will also include a prewriting activity for a project to continue during the week, and optional sharing of past projects.

Literary Adaptation 101

Instructor: Tasha Walston

Ages 11 – 16, $138

Apocalypse! Comics! Video games! Dungeons & Dragons! Movies! Novels! What makes a good story? Why do some stories get adapted over and over for film, video games, tabletop gaming, animated TV series, comics, etc.? “It’s classic mythology, it’s the hero’s journey, and it’s about the best of us coming together for one cause, to do the right thing,” says film director Antoine Fuqua. But who’s the hero–what’s “the right thing” and who gets to decide? We’ll explore all this and more as we study and build adaptations (in their various formats) together. Some reading will be required outside of class.

Machine Sewing

Instructor: Little Hands Creations

Ages 7 – 14, $267

Students are invited to learn a skill they will use for a lifetime and a hobby they will forever enjoy… sewing! No experience necessary. New students learn machine safety and beginner sewing techniques, while more experienced students expand on skills they already have. The class begins with a simple project, then students will advance at their own pace to more exciting and challenging projects throughout the session. This class is designed to teach children with both beginning and advanced skills. Projects, which are constantly rotating during the quarter, include backpacks, phone cases, clothing, accessories, bags, games, stuffed animal and more!

Materials Science Lab

Instructor: Molly Moench

Ages 11 – 16, $138

You know you wouldn’t make a baking dish out of candle wax, or a balloon out of steel, but why? In this lab-based class we’ll explore how we define and test the properties of materials, how fundamental characteristics of the material determine those properties, how different materials are worked, and what this all means for engineering material selection. Class discussion and home assignments will focus on boosting your skills in analyzing and communicating scientific work, as well as gaining a basic understanding of materials science.

Math Games

Instructor: Molly Moench

Ages 6 – 9, $143

Come explore numbers, shapes, measurements, and more with a wide variety of games, crafts, and activities sharing the joy of math! Aimed toward a K-2nd grade math level, children should at minimum be able to count, recognize numerals, and be ready for active participation in group games.

Parkour: Efficiency in Action

Instructor: Nathan Drackett

Ages 8 – 16, $138

Parkour: the art of moving efficiently through space. Do you like obstacle courses? Do your friends tell you to stop climbing on things? Do you want to awaken your inner monkey? Parkour may very well be for you. Students will use the safety of mats as well as real life obstacles to explore fluid movement in a safe and fun way. This class favors traditional parkour over “tricking” (tumbling, breakdancing, etc.), though some gymnastic skills may be explored.

Preschool Art: Finding Out About the World through Art

Instructor: Tracy Banaszynski

Ages 3 – 5, $138

In this art exploration class, children are introduced to the elements of art, including shape, line, value, and color. They will be encouraged to play with these ideas using a variety of age-appropriate, non-toxic materials. Each project will engage children’s imaginations and build their observation skills. Projects will focus on process over product, while at the same time allowing a record of each child’s exploration and growth. The environment will nurture confidence, playfulness, and respect for each child’s process and work. Come find out about the world through art!

Sports Unlimited

Instructor: Rick Buyce

Ages 5 – 8 , $108

Sample a variety of individual and team sports. Fun movement games to get your little one active. Anything from creative ‘tag’ games to basic skills in sports like soccer and anything in between. Your child will enjoy challenging their muscles, cardiovascular system, balance and coordination.

Sports Unlimited

Instructor: Rick Buyce

Ages 9 – 16, $108

We will sample a variety of team sports like soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, kickball and more. Students will learn to work as a team, good sportsmanship, and the skills for many different sports while having fun and exercising.

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