Register for Classes

Registration typically starts 4 to 6 weeks before the start of the upcoming quarter. The LHH Committee will send reminders through our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Google Email Group to spread the word about registering. Classes can fill quickly, so it is best to register early. In cases of low enrollment, classes may be cancelled up to two weeks before the session begins. For the sake of the teachers and other students, please try and register early!

There are three ways to register for classes:
  1. Online: Visit the Seattle Parks and Recreation website.
  2. By phone: Call the Loyal Heights Community Center at (206) 684-4052.
  3. In person: Go to any Seattle Community Center and register in person at the front desk.
Sibling Discounts

There is a $5 discount per additional sibling signed up for the same class.


Seattle Parks and Recreation offers scholarships for qualifying families. Applications are available starting in the summer for the following school year. You can apply at any time and your scholarship will apply to all classes for the rest of the school year.

The primary income-earner in your household is the person who should fill out the application. Although their website states that you can apply at any community center or pool, past experience by LHH families has shown that the fastest way to get approved is in person at the Loyal Heights Community Center. Make sure you have all the necessary documents with you. The primary applicant should bring their completed application, photo ID and all required income and dependency documentation. It is beneficial to list all dependents, including babies, even if you are not planning on enrolling them in classes.

If you wish to use funds to register for classes, you must be approved PRIOR to registering. Approval can take up to several weeks. Applying early helps ensure you will get the funds, if you are eligible. Sometimes, they do not have enough funds to meet the demand and in those instances, scholarships are granted on a first come, first served basis.

Visit the Seattle Parks and Recreation website for eligibility guidelines, application form, and other information.

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