Meet Our Teachers

Ameen Dhillon

Classes taught include: Art Exploration, Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Art Books, Mixed Media Sketchbooks

Ameen Dhillon graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C. in 1989. Her paintings, drawings and prints have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Canada, India and China. She returned to Emily Carr as an artist in residence as well as a lithography instructor. After 20 creative years she is excited to share her passion for art with children.

“A favorite quote of mine by Paul Klee states: art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible. One of my goals is to encourage kids to slow down and carefully observe their surroundings, to look deeply and really understand what makes this world so beautiful and interesting. I encourage my students to use their imaginations as well as the subjects in front of them. To notice all the different shades of green in the garden and blue in the sky. To discover the elements of line and shape through the use of a wide variety of professional materials.”

Shannon Hillinger

Classes taught include: Art Around the World

Shannon Hillinger is a longtime homeschooling parent, with a background as a nanny, early education teacher, and artist. Shannon uses a variety of techniques to help engage children in active learning, taking an interest and lead in their education, promoting life long learners. With a particular focus on hands on learning, Shannon has taught a wide variety of subjects like science, art, and world cultures.

Alan Bond

Classes taught include: Dungeons & Dragons

Alan taught mathematics in Seattle public schools for eight years before stepping back to homeschool his own kids.   He has always been an avid lover of board games and tabletop roleplaying. He has been an active Dungeon Master for the last three years, running games for adults and children.

Stephanie Burkemoore

Classes taught: Ecological Cycles

Stephanie Burkemoore is a homeschooling parent and member of the LHH community. Stephanie earned her BA in Ecological Studies and her MS in Outdoor & Environmental Education. She served as lead teacher in a local K-5 childcare program and as environmental educator for Seattle’s Parks & Rec preschool and school-age programs.   Stephanie continues over a decade of service with the Seattle Aquarium’s public field programs on the beach and along the Cedar River.  Come play and learn together!

Stefanie Kahler

Classes taught: Budding Artists Workshop, Embroidery Workshop

Stefanie has been living and working in the arts her whole life. She’s excited to share her experience and love of the arts with our community.

PLATO Philosophy

Rotem Landesman is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Information School at the University of Washington, and a Graduate Fellow in Philosophy for Children. Her research examines the considerations involved in designing technological interventions for children in the industry and their role in child and teen well-being, as well as the many benefits of critically examining technology and its advancements through philosophical practice with young people.

Lucia Stakkestad

Hi, My Name is Lucia Stakkestad. I am a life coach and writer for self-development. I teach others to live life fully. My journey in helping kids with emotional regulation began five years ago; I loved being a mom but needed help regulating my own emotions. As I went, I figured out a way to teach what I was learning to my kids. Now I am glad I did; my children have benefited greatly by learning about their emotions and how to communicate needs. I love teachings these beautiful techniques and making a difference in children’s lives. I can’t wait to work with new faces from our homeschooling community.

Seattle Go Center

Classes taught include: GO

The Seattle Go Center teaches and promotes the Asian game of Go. This 4000 year old strategy board game continues to fascinate players from around the world. The Seattle Go Center was established in 1995, with its own building in the University District of Seattle, thanks to the generosity of a Japanese professional Go player, Iwamoto Kaoru. It is now self-supporting. The Go Center is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity, with the formal name of Nihon Ki-in Go Institute of the West. Seattle Go teachers are well qualified for the levels they teach, and they are committed to finding effective ways to improve your game.

Walker Aumann

Classes taught: Intro to Board Games

Walker Aumann graduated with a B.S. in Engineering & Applied Science from Caltech in Pasadena, CA in 1993. Along with working as a T.A. for the intro computer science class, he mentored many new employees at Google. He’s also served as a playtester and convention demonstration staff. He’s been playing board games continuously since discovering them in his grandparent’s closet, favoring cooperative and inclusive games, and stressing the enjoyment of playing.

Tim Ozog

Classes taught include Pickleball

Tim taught math at a the junior high school level in the 70’s.  Now he teaches doubles style pickleball. Fundamental hand eye coordination is usually the first thing most beginners need to establish is what I work with for most beginners, kids specially.  Most of all though creating an environment for having fun would be my main goal.

Karen Radcliff

Classes taught include: Fiber Play: Exploring Fiber Arts

Karen Radcliff is a homeschool parent and fiber artist.  She earned an MA in Anthropology from UC San Diego in 2001 and loves aiming the anthropological lens at food, textiles, the built environment, and other aspects of material culture.  That being said, more than anything she would rather be making textiles with her own hands:  knitting, spinning, weaving, and hand sewing.  Karen is particularly interested in the social history of ancient and medieval textiles, the uses and meanings of fabric in a world before industrialized, fast-produced fiber goods.  When not eyeing string, she can be found gardening, watching black-and-white movies, looking at maps, reading, and drinking a lot of tea.

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