Health and Safety Policy

At LHH, we use a combination of approaches to help keep our program safe and accessible to all our families. 

Air flow and filtration: The community center has HEPA filters in two classrooms, and we will leave the windows open in the 3rd classroom and lobby. Please plan to layer in case of cooler weather.  

Stay home when sick: As much as we love to be together, we ask that people stay home when symptomatic with a viral infection. For guidance, see this Symptom and Exposure Flowchart

Masks are optional: While masks are not required at the community center, please respect those who choose to wear one. If you see someone wearing a mask, consider they may: have unvaccinated family members, feel ill and not want to get you sick, be immuno-compromised, have high-risk loved ones, or prefer to wear a mask. Please be kind and respect everyone’s choice. The community center has a supply of adult size masks available for use.

Note: We would like our program to be accessible to as much of the community as possible, but LHH families should know that the community center is a mask-optional facility that is open to the public daily. Other activities, such as preschools, weight room, and after school programs take place within the building at the same time as our program. Some members feel more comfortable hanging out outdoors at the playground, grass, or playfields. We hope you will feel welcome either indoors or out.

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