FAQs for Parents

What is LHH?
See our About page for details.

How do I register for classes?
See our Registration page for details.

What ages does this program serve?
Classes are offered for students ages 3 to 18. Younger siblings are welcome to come and play in the common area or outside on the playground. There is a toddler-aged play area in the common area of the community center.

Is this a drop off program? Or do I need to stay on site with my child/children?
A child must be at least 11 years old to be dropped off without parental supervision, if there is a break between classes. For children under 11, a designated adult must remain on site, though it does not have to be the child’s parent.

Can I stay with my child in the classroom?
This decision is up to each individual teacher. If you are unsure if your child is ready to be dropped off without you in the classroom, you can reach out to the teacher to ask if staying in the classroom is okay with them. Contact a committee member if you need help connecting with a specific teacher.

Can my child register for class if s/he is outside the stated age range?
Students outside the age range for a class need teacher approval. Teachers make the age variance policy for their classes. If approved, the teacher lets the front desk know the full name of the student and the parent will need to register the student in person or by calling the Loyal Heights Community Center at (206) 684-4052. Online registration will not allow age variances.

Are there waitlists for classes that are full?
If a class is full, a waitlist will be started. If space becomes available, you will be notified and can register at that time by phone or in person. In some cases, class limits may be expanded, and withdrawals do occasionally occur.

I changed my mind and want to withdraw from a class I’ve signed up for. Can I get a refund?
A refund is available if a student drops the class before the second class. You will receive a prorated refund, minus service charge. See the Seattle Parks and Recreation Refund Policy for more details.

Can I come to hang out with LHH without signing up for classes?
Yes! Homeschooling families are welcome to spend time with us at the Loyal Heights Community Center on Wednesdays, primarily between 10:00 and 3:00 pm. The community center is an inviting space with a play area for babies and toddlers, and a sitting area where parents like to sit and hang out while they sip coffee or tea from our parent-donated coffee/tea station. Outside, there is a large grassy area, playground, a small basketball court, and a large turf field. If you plan to come for the first time, we encourage you to let us know ahead of time, so that we can greet you and show you around. Email us at loyalheightshomeschool@gmail.com.

How do I find out about what’s going on at LHH?
All participating families should sign up to be added to the Google Email Group. Emails about classes and community events are posted there. We also have a closed (private) Facebook Group. There is also a public Facebook Page where we post class schedules and events open to the public.

How does the community connect outside of classes?
Social events and workshops are scheduled between quarters and during the summer, and individuals sometimes organize field trips other days during the year. To find out about these events, make sure you are on the Google Email Group and/or Facebook Group. Past events have included such activities as roller skating at Lynnwood Bowl & Skate, tabletop gaming at Café Mox, beach day at Golden Gardens, cheap summer movies, and more.

How can I get involved?
The LHH community is always in need of volunteers to keep our program running. Everything from teaching a class, to helping setup and clean up for teachers, to serving on the committee. If you have questions about what our current needs are, please contact us at loyalheightshomeschool@gmail.com.

What is the LHH Committee?
The LHH Committee is a group of parent volunteers who plan and run the LHH Program. In addition to putting together the schedule of classes for each quarter, the committee manages all our communications (website, Google Email Group, Facebook Group, and Facebook Page), and plans community events throughout the year. You can reach us in person on Wednesdays, or via email at loyalheightshomeschool@gmail.com.

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