Fall 2019 Class Descriptions

Fall 2019: Wednesdays, September 25 – November 20, 2019 (9 weeks; no breaks)

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Registration opens at 12:00pm on August 6, 2019. Register in person (Loyal Heights Community Center), by phone (206) 684-4052, or online at https://apm.activecommunities.com/seattle. Use keyword “homeschool” to search.

Art Exploration

Instructor: Tracy Banaszynski

Ages 6 – 9

In this art exploration class, young artists are introduced to the basics of drawing and painting. Artists will explore line and value through observational drawing exercises using drawing media including graphite and charcoal. Students will also draw from imagination, exploring how their observational drawing skills can give greater freedom of expression to their creative ideas. Painting exercises, using tempera and acrylic paints, will help students learn about brush handling, color mixing, and composition. This class will engage children’s imaginations and build their observational skills in an environment that will nurture exploration, confidence, and joy. While basic drawing and painting skills will be taught, priority will be placed on process over product and on meeting each child where they are in their personal and artistic development. I look forward to making art together!


Budding Artist Workshop

Instructor: Tracy Banaszynski

Ages 3 – 6

In this art workshop, children are introduced to the elements of art, including shape, line, value, texture, and color. They will be encouraged to play with these ideas using a variety of age-appropriate, non-toxic materials. Each project will engage children’s imaginations and build their visual vocabulary. Projects will focus on process over product, while at the same time allowing a record of each child’s exploration and growth. The environment will nurture confidence, playfulness, and respect for each child’s process and work. Visual art ideas will be reinforced through story time and a movement activity that are linked to the workshop theme for that day. Let’s make art together!


Circus Arts 101

Instructor: Nathan Drackett

Ages 8–15

Come and join the circus for a session! Seemingly complicated skills such as juggling, acrobatics, and clowning are broken down so that anyone can learn and experience success. In this introduction to circus arts, students will be able to find that practice and hard work can make the impossible possible.


Circus Arts 102 Cancelled

Instructor: Nathan Drackett

Ages 8-15

Take your Circus training to the next level! Students continue to review and perfect the skills explored in Beginning Circus Arts as well as tackling more difficult skills such as roundoffs, back handsprings, club juggling, and more! We will also begin to explore the use of these skills to perform in front of an audience. Contact instructor for specific prerequisite information.


Creative Dance

Instructor: Miranda Veenhuysen

Ages 3–6

Burst! Spin! Float. Come fall in love with dance! Boys and girls expand their movement skills and explore dance concepts in this joyful, supportive classroom community. Instructor Miranda Veenhuysen is a lifelong dancer with eight years of teaching experience. She uses Anne Green Gilbert’s concept-based creative dance curriculum and BrainDance warmup for this class. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and dance barefoot.


Fiber Play: Exploring Fiber Arts

Instructor: Karen Radcliff

Ages: Ages 9-17

In this introduction to fiber arts, we will try our hands at several techniques used the world over in the making of cloth, whether for garments or for other uses, as well as discuss many more. Plan to spin your own yarn, knit, and try different types of weaving. We will also make brief forays into crocheting and sprang, learn a bit about naalbinding and lacemaking, discuss the properties of different textile fibers, and share a bit of textile history while we work. No prior experience is necessary. I will provide all the needed patterns and materials.


Hands-On Math

Instructor: Marcia Miller

Ages 5–8

Do you enjoy patterns, shapes, numbers, games, stories, and hands-on activities? Join us as we explore a variety of mathematical ideas with materials such as pattern blocks, Cuisenaire rods, square color tiles and cubes, geoboards, two-colored counters, cards, and dice. We’ll play math games, talk about numbers, solve problems, read math-related children’s books, and have fun together!


Hands On Math Investigations

Instructor: Marcia Miller

Ages 8-11

Join us as we engage in a variety of hands-on mathematical investigations while playing with materials such as pattern blocks, square color tiles and cubes, fraction bars, Cuisenaire rods, and dice. We will work individually and in small groups, explore math topics and strategies together, and share what we find with the larger group. When investigating topics, we will begin with what we know and build on that to search for patterns, pose questions, and solve problems.


Hands-on Science: Chemistry

Instructor: Molly Moench

Ages 6-9

Chemistry fizzes and bubbles, heats and glows, smells and changes colors. Why? How? In this class we’ll delve into these mysteries of chemistry and explore atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, the periodic table, and more through stories, activities, games and experiments.


Hawaiian Hula! Cancelled

Instructor: Miranda Veenhuysen

Ages 7–12

Come enjoy an introduction to this beautiful dance from the Hawaiian Islands. Gentle breezes, rainbows, joyful gatherings of friends and family – every hula dance tells a story – come and learn some. This class covers the basics of Auana, the modern branch of hula, and touches on historical and cultural contexts of the dance form. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and dance barefoot.


Junior Great Books Cancelled

Instructor: Molly Moench

Ages 8–11

Read excellent short fiction every week, on a wide variety of topics and styles, and then come discuss it with your friends. We’ll focus on your opinions of the story, understanding the events and themes, what motivates the characters, and supporting your assertions with the text. Each session will also include a prewriting activity for a project to continue during the week, and optional sharing of past projects.



Instructor: Rick Buyce

Ages 9–16

Come and join the fun playing kickball with your friends. Get outside and run the bases after kicking that home-run or catching that pop-fly for the third out. No experience needed, we will learn the basics and rules as we play. Train your agility skills and learn to work as a team. It’s a game like baseball, but instead, we use a rubber ball for kicking! Solid athletic shoes needed.


Kids Cook

Instructor: Molly Moench

Ages 6 – 10

Kids are taking over the kitchen! Join in to learn a new recipe every week, and the tips, tricks, and knife skills needed to make them a success. We’ll cook a wide variety of foods, and you’ll leave each week with a delicious snack and the skills, confidence, and inspiration for filling those hungry tummies.


Mixed Media Sketchbooks

Instructor: Ameen Dhillon

Ages 10-16

Bring your sketchbook to life by combining sketching, painting, collage, and writing! Explore a variety of materials and create layered art journals, bringing together a variety of medium all on one page.
**Two parent volunteers are needed 10 minutes before and after class to help with set-up and clean-up.


Parkour: Efficiency in Action

Instructor: Nathan Drackett

Ages 8 – 16

Parkour: the art of moving efficiently through space. Do you like obstacle courses? Do your friends tell you to stop climbing on things? Do you want to awaken your inner monkey? Parkour may very well be for you. Students will use the safety of mats as well as real life obstacles to explore fluid movement in a safe and fun way. This class favors traditional parkour over “tricking” (tumbling, breakdancing, etc.), though some gymnastic skills may be explored.


Sports Unlimited

Instructor: Rick Buyce

Ages 5 – 8

Sample a variety of individual and team sports. Fun movement games to get your little one active. Anything from creative ‘tag’ games to basic skills in sports like soccer and anything in between. Your child will enjoy challenging their muscles, cardiovascular system, balance and coordination.


Zine Making

Instructor: Tasha Walston

Ages 11 – 16

In our increasingly digital age, zines (pronounced “zeens”) offer us a tangible connection to ideas and each other. They can encompass many topics, design choices, and genres of self-expression, but what all zines have in common is that their makers feel like they have something to say and share with others. In this class, we will learn about the rich history of self-publishing and practice zine-making before producing our own collaborative zine. Students will be editors, designers, makers, and distributors, working together to facilitate all points of the production process. Some work between class meetings will be required.


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