Fall 2018 LHH Class descriptions

LHH – Machine Sewing

Instructor: Little Hands Creations
Ages 7 – 14.
**DATES: 9/12 – 10/31, no class 11/7 & 11/14**
Students are invited to learn a skill they will use for a lifetime and a hobby they will forever enjoy… sewing! No experience necessary. New students learn machine safety and beginner sewing techniques, while more experienced students expand on skills they already have. The class begins with a simple project, then students will advance at their own pace to more exciting and challenging projects throughout the session. This class is designed to teach children with both beginning and advanced skills. Projects, which are constantly rotating during the quarter, include backpacks, phone cases, clothing, accessories, bags, games, stuffed animal and more!

LHH – Creative Dance

Instructor: Miranda Veenhuysen
Ages 3 – 6.
Burst! Spin! Float. Come fall in love with dance! Boys and girls expand their movement skills and explore dance concepts in this joyful, supportive classroom community. Instructor Miranda Veenhuysen is a lifelong dancer with eight years of teaching experience. She uses Anne Green Gilbert’s concept-based creative dance curriculum and BrainDance warmup for this class. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and dance barefoot.

LHH – JavaScript Programming

Instructor: Ian Petersen
Ages: 11 – 16.
Programming is like spellcasting: the right words in the right order bring your design to life. Come learn some digital wizardry! We will create a playable game and learn how to program as we go. JavaScript is a ubiquitous programming language that can power everything from a web page to a smartphone. Students will need an account at https://github.com or an email address with which to register for one.

LHH – Math Games

Instructor: Molly Moench
Ages 5 – 8.
Come explore numbers, shapes, measurements, and more with a wide variety of games, crafts, and activities sharing the joy of math! Aimed toward a K-2nd grade math level, children should at minimum be able to count, recognize numerals, and be ready for active participation in group games.

LHH – Hawaiian Hula

Instructor: Miranda Veenhuysen
Ages 7-12
Come enjoy an introduction to this beautiful dance from the Hawaiian Islands. Gentle breezes, rainbows, joyful gatherings of friends and family – every hula dance tells a story – come and learn some. This class covers the basics of Auana, the modern branch of hula, and touches on historical and cultural contexts of the dance form. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and dance barefoot.

LHH – Junior Great Books

Instructor: Molly Moench
Ages 9 – 13.
Read excellent short fiction every week, on a wide variety of topics and styles, and then come discuss it with your friends. We’ll focus on your opinions of the story, understanding the events and themes, what motivates the characters, and supporting your assertions with the text. Each session will also include a prewriting activity for a project to continue during the week, and optional sharing of past projects.

LHH – Art Exploration

Instructor: Ameen Dhillon
Ages 6 – 8.
Let’s get inspired by stories, art history, and the changing seasons! Together we’ll do a variety of fun projects to explore drawing and painting with materials such as charcoal, oil pastels, water color, tempura, acrylics and more.

LHH – Sports Unlimited

Instructor: Rick Buyce
Ages 9-18
We will sample a variety of team sports like soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, kickball and more. Students will learn to work as a team, good sportsmanship, and the skills for many different sports while having fun and exercising.

LHH – Game of GO

Instructor: Seattle GO Center
Ages 7 – 16.
Go is an ancient Asian strategy game that is fun for both beginners and experts. We start out with small boards and simple instructions, and progress to the full territory-based game in a few classes. Since the game is easily handicapped, beginning players have an even chance of winning against more experienced and stronger players. This keeps the game fun for all.

LHH – Philosophy & Thought

Instructor: Becky Johnston
Ages 12 – 18.
The word “philosophy” comes from Greek, meaning “love of wisdom.” In ancient times, philosophy was understood as the search for wisdom. Many concepts philosophers explore have been examined for thousands of years: What is time? What is beauty? What is a good life? What is knowledge? What is fairness? Together we will build a philosophical community of inquiry to explore fundamental questions through collaborative activities, discussion, and personal reflection. As we dig in, students will sharpen thinking skills, express personal perspectives while challenging and building on the thinking of others, and work to make clearer their own views and ideas.

LHH – Drawing and Painting

Instructor: Ameen Dhillon
Ages 9-18
Let’s create beautiful art with pencils, water colors and acrylic paints! In this ten-week series, we will explore different techniques with each medium, as well as hone our skills of observation, color theory, and composition. As inspiration, we will discuss art history and create still life arrangements in the studio from which to draw and paint.

LHH – Sports Unlimited

Instructor: Rick Buyce
Ages 5 – 8.
Sample a variety of individual and team sports. Fun movement games to get your little one active. Anything from creative ‘tag’ games to basic skills in sports like soccer and anything in between. Your child will enjoy challenging their muscles, cardiovascular system, balance and coordination.

LHH – Circus Arts: Do the Impossible

Instructor: Nathan Drackett
Ages 8 – 15.
Come and join the circus for a session! Seemingly complicated skills such as juggling, acrobatics, and clowning are broken down so that anyone can learn and experience success. In this introduction to circus arts, students will be able to find that practice and hard work can make the impossible possible.

LHH – Choir

Instructor: Micaela Prince
Ages 5 – 12.
Do you love to sing? We would love to sing with you! Come explore music and its historical context through choral repertoire. In this course, students will learn the basics of sight-singing, reading music, and vocal techniques. Students of all levels are welcome.

LHH – Theater: Working as an Ensemble

Instructor: Nathan Drackett
Ages 8 – 15.
Through imaginative games and improvisations, students will explore their voice, body, and imagination to learn how to tell a story. Participants will work as a group to collectively create a world, characters, and share those with an audience. Find your inner star in this exploration filled with play and fun!

LHH – Indigenous Folktales & Plant Science

Instructor: Molly Moench
Ages 7 – 11.
Are you curious about plants? Ever wonder what makes them appear, how they work, or how there can be such a wide variety? Every week we will enjoy a Native American folktale, with selections from across the continent, and through the narrative, crafts, activities, and games will explore the science of the growing world around us. Based on curriculum designed by ecologist Michael Caduto and Native American storyteller Joseph Bruchac.

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